Reception Services

great for the smaller hotel or B and B that knows the importance of the first impression

Hotel Bookings

We can  take care of all your reservations, booking amendments, cancellations and increase your revenue through up-sales of dinner options, special offers and longer stay requests.


The ultimate VIP service to your guests and it means that the world really is your oyster

Hotel Connect

Hello and welcome to Hotel Connect, we are The Virtual Telephone Answering Service and Reservation Team that Hoteliers Love

We are based in Norwich but support the hotel industry across the globe through our team of specialist Virtual Hotel Receptionists. We are the Call Centre service unique to the boutique hotel sector, providing your guests and your business with the 5* service that the big corporate’s aim to deliver!

We understand your day, your week, your month and your year. We understand your operational obstacles, your guests expectations and most of all we have the solutions to supporting your busy hotel operation.

Service Packages

All of our service packages offer fantastic value for money and offset the price of employing additional staff.  We offer 3 separate packages so you only have to pay for what you make use of, whether that is call management only or the full concierge service, the choice is yours!

hotel phone answering service

Telephone answering / Message Taking

Every Call Answered

No Guest is ignored

All Enquiries Handled with Care

We are your Receptionist

Guest Recognition

We will know if your caller has stayed with you before

Professional Reception Service

We are your Virtual Reception with all Call Management delivered in a Professional, Courteous and 5* Service

hotel phone answering service

Reservations & Revenue Service

Full Reservations and Revenue Service

All reservations booked and revenue maximised

Changes to Bookings processed

Cancellations processed as per T&C’s

Deposits and Balances Processed

Includes our Reception Service

Professional Reservations and Revenue Service

We are trained Hoteliers with experience of 5* service delivery; we understand the importance of maximising revenue and occupancy, pricing standards and booking procedures

hotel phone answering service

Concierge Service

The Ultimate VIP Service

Taxi Booking

Theatre and Event Ticket Booking

Executive Travel Arrangements

Arrival Packages, plus much more…

Includes our Reception Service plus

Reservations and Revenue Service

Professional Full Concierge Service

We can support every niche of service delivery to exceed your guest’s expectation and maximise your business growth through generating loyalty

Why Use a Virtual Reception Service


Well, why not! If the big corporate hotels, with a reception team of 10+ need a Central Virtual Operation to support them in delivering exceptional service standards, then what about the smaller operations, the Boutique Hotels and B&Bs, after all you will have a smaller reception team but the same level of service to provide, right?

How many times have you found yourself halfway up the stairs with a guest’s heavy suitcase and you hear the phone ring? You know by the time you’ve reached the phone, the caller will have hung up (‘Basil Fawlty’ moment awaits!), but its ok, they’ll call back. Or will they?

Whatever the size of the hotel, we know our clients care very deeply about their guests, and so do we! That heavy suitcase you’re carrying could feel much lighter, knowing that the call was answered by a friendly, knowledgeable, professional receptionist who will answer your caller’s query, book their room, process the deposit, arrange for dinner reservations, organise a Champagne arrival and confirm all reservation details, on your behalf with the guest thinking they are actually speaking with your receptionist…

Can your hotel afford to miss one phone call, or more? In the day and age we live and operate in, if a guest cannot reach you the first time then there are many other hotels to choose from, modern technology means they can see a list of all hotels in the area with direct contact details, they don’t need to search very hard! Don’t give your guest’s to your competitors…

How Do We Work?


It’s simple, you will be able to forward ALL or Some (your choice) of your calls to us, seamlessly, to our team of trained, experienced hoteliers, who will provide a 5* service as if they were situated right in your very own hotel reception. We can handle all enquiries, take messages, make reservations plus so much more… the only thing we can’t do is pour your guest a drink at the bar or provide waitress service, BUT you can, knowing that your next booking is being handled with the utmost professionalism.

We customise our service to mirror yours; you decide when you need us and you decide what you would like us to deliver, we have 3 main packages to choose from but talk to us if you would like a more bespoke service, we will happily meet your requirements.

Felbrigg Lodge Hotel

We have used the services of Hotel Connect for the past 4 years here at Felbrigg Lodge Hotel in North Norfolk. The telephone answering service offered is second to none with customers often commenting on the quick response to their calls and the courtesy and friendliness of the staff answering the phone.

We find the service offered by Wendy and her team invaluable as we only have a small team here at the Hotel and it means we don’t miss calls and potential bookings and other important guests requests and messages.

It only takes one missed call to have cost us several hundred pounds so not only does the Hotel Connect team make us more efficient, it makes us money.