Is your team sabotaging your restaurant (unknowingly)

Helen told me about her experience in a local restaurant yesterday. The same restaurant that I had eaten at earlier the same evening.

On Saturday night I went to a fabulous restaurant with some friends in Norwich, and we had a great meal. We couldn’t fault any of it.
Paid a tip, and said “thank you,” and left a 5* rating on Trip Advisor.
A little later the same evening Helen took nine people with her, to the same restaurant. They had a great meal. Like me, they couldn’t fault it. They loved everything about it.
That was until they left. They paid £400 including a £30 tip. As they were leaving the restaurant, the waitress stopped them at the door.
Why? Because they owed 8p. Yes, 8p.
They sabotaged their own restaurant for the sake of 8p.
I know the staff are young. I would imagine it’s a lack of training but there’s a definite lack of thinking here too.
This is such a great lesson to learn. I’ve shared this with my team today. We don’t always know what our staff are actually telling our clients and customers. Could some of your staff be sabotaging your business.
I have suggested that Helen calls the owner to tell him what happened. I bet he doesn’t have a clue. He needs to know.
Restaurants have a hard enough time as it is and they close at a massive rate. I would hate that to happen to him because of something he is completely unaware about. It’s a fantastic restaurant and it deserves to be successful.
I thought it was a great story and a warning to us all and I wanted to share this with you today. Who is sabotaging your business?