Reception Service

Great for the smaller hotel or B and B

that knows the importance of the first impression

Reception is from only £39 per month

Our Reception Package is great for the smaller hotel or B and B that knows the importance of the first impression, if you tend to have a small team on reception then it may mean that some of your calls go unanswered so with this package you also get our team answering your calls!  Choose to either divert when busy or divert all your incoming calls to us, we will put on the red-carpet treatment for your guests.

What we also do is recognise your guests who stay with you regularly, or even if they have stayed just the once before, we will know!  When they call, our clever system recognises their number and alerts us that they have stayed with you previously, and what better way to make a guest feel special.  We can handle your enquiries, as we will get to know your business, so we can speak confidently of your hotel location, room availability, pricing, services options or even just take a message or divert the call to your hotel department (room service, restaurant, leisure facility etc…), and of course, so much more!

Additional Adhoc Add-ons Include:

Reservation System Set-Up

Are you still using an Old School Pen and Paper Diary?  Nothing wrong with that, everyone loves stationery, but it might be beneficial for you to look at computerising your reservations, sales and invoicing; contact us and we will put together a free system review information sheet, specific to you and your property.

Mystery Shopper

Every hotelier I know believes their customer journey and service is impeccable, and so it should be, but there may be a niggling doubt in their mind, that it could be improved; we can help you to find out where areas could be improved in your customer service and sales by calling your hotel, posing as a potential guest and giving you a report/score result of our findings. 

Hotel Connect Overflow

For B&B and Boutique Hotel’s only, this service in linked to our Reservation and Revenue Package where we can also take any overflow calls, when all your lines are busy, we will pick up!

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